29 Mar 2014

A few months ago, my colleague and fellow beer lover Chris Havens noticed an interesting fact: that Minnesota was among the nation’s leaders in craft brewery growth. Chris and I knew we had stumbled upon a great opportunity — we just didn’t know what it was.

13 Mar 2014

We’ve catalogued more than 100 beers from 36 Minnesota breweries and sorted them by five characteristics. Let us find the local brew for you.

08 Feb 2014

I'll be kicking off my career with the Washington Post in April as a graphics editor, and I am absolutely thrilled.

22 Dec 2013

Nearly all of the state’s top political donors are related to each other in some fashion. Donations between PACs reveal that they are a tightly knit network.

22 Dec 2013

If I donated [insert amount] to [insert PAC name], which groups ended up spending my money?

05 Nov 2013

We built the Star Tribune's first precinct-level live-updating results map for the 2013 election. It was also the company's first fully open-sourced project.

15 Sep 2013

The next mayor of Minneapolis will be elected by a relatively new process called ranked-choice voting. Here's how it works.

08 Sep 2013

Since the housing bubble collapse, lower income cities are struggling far more than their richer counterparts.

31 Jul 2013

Many sports teams have found a new revenue stream in selling the naming rights to their stadiums. Explore how much money is involved, and the corporate sponsorship history of professional sports teams.

15 Jul 2013

Here, we house ads related to the 2013 New York City mayoral campaign, including fact-checks and anaylsis by Times reporters.

11 Jul 2013

Depict aims to easily render fallback images for complex visualizations. (IE 8, I'm looking at you.) Given a url and css selector, depict outputs a .png of the rendered element. With depict, charts based on living data can be rendered into flat images at regular intervals, no human interaction required.

07 Jul 2013

In a project combining multiple mapping techniques and charts, we explore the nation's unique wine scene.

27 Jun 2013

The brilliant Krzysztof Dorosz has developed csvpys, an extension to the data journalist must-have csvkit.

19 Jun 2013

The Federal Reserve issues a statement every month, with subtle changes in the language. We built a unix diff-esque tool to explore what changed.

18 Apr 2013

Binify is a command-line tool to better visualize crowded dot-density maps.

25 Mar 2013

There’s nothing less funny than listening to a journalism professor joking that we’re all in this field because we can’t do math. Some of the best journalism being done today only exists because journalists overcame their fear of numbers and dug deep into the data.

19 Feb 2013

As part of my AP-Google journalism in technology scholarship, I developed a tool to help journalists create simple graphics for online.

08 Feb 2013

We analyzed more than 100,000 radon test results across the state of Minnesota, and built an application for readers to find how their zip code ranks.

22 Aug 2012

There's nothing more frustrating than poor voter literacy. We built a responsive election guide for readers to find out information about their future legislators.

25 Jul 2012

For the 2012 Summer Olympics, we built a results tracker for Olympians with ties to Washington State.

23 Apr 2012

Using the newly defined district boundaries and recent voting histories, we calculated the political leanings of each district in Minnesota and identified which candidates to watch for the upcoming elections.

06 Nov 2011

For a recent MinnPost project, we wanted to scrape court dockets, so I figured I’d break out a python script in the wonderful ScraperWiki. One of my favorite features is that you can schedule a scraper to run automatically. One of my least favorite features is that the limit on automatic scrapers is once per day. We needed something to run every half hour.

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